In 2021, the NEZ Baltic Rallycross Championship will take place in the Baltic States  

In the new race season of 2021, for the second year in a row, the NEZ Baltic Rallycross Championship will be organized. Next year, the competition series will take place in the Baltic States - Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, each of the three races will be organized by the rallycross organizers of the respective country. The championship brings together the best rallycross drivers from all over Northern Europe.

Competition calendar for the 2021 season:

Round 1 / 10.-11.07.2021 / Bikernieki race track, Riga, Latvia

Round 2 / 25.07.2021 / Poltsamaa, Estonia

Round 3 / 15.08.2021 / Vilkyciai, Lithuania

The following categories will be determined in the new competition season: NEZ Super 1600 and NEZ Super 2000 front-wheel drive groups, NEZ Touring Car rear-wheel drive group, NEZ 4WD all-wheel drive group (allow to race with R5 or RALLY 2 and Proto rally cars), as well as Xtreme crosskart group.

In the 2020 season, two rounds of the competition were held, one in Latvia, at the Bikernieki race track, and the other in Lithuania, at the Vilkyciai race track. Due to national restrictions, the third round of the race in Estonia, at the Kehala race track, was canceled. In total, more than 70 drivers from four Northern European countries competed in the championship debut season.

TOP 3 by groups in season 2020:

NEZ Super 1600 car group: 1. Juris Spīķis (Latvia), 2. Janno Ligur (Estonia), 3. Andre Kurg (Estonia)

NEZ Super 2000 car group: 1. Maija Stakena (Latvia), 2. Jānis Ikers (Latvia), 3. Deividas Vareika (Lithuania)

NEZ Touring Car group: 1. Stein Karu (Estonia), 2. Kristaps Grunte (Latvia), 3. Kaspars Fricsons (Latvia)

NEZ Open car group: 1. Marko Muru (Estonia), 2. Jari Jaakkola (Finland), 3. Sami Rasanen (Finland)

NEZ 4WD car group: 1. Andri Oun (Estonia), 3. Edijs Ošs (Latvia), 3. Arvydas Galinis (Lithuania)

Xtreme Baltic RX crosskart group: 1. Andre Kiil (Estonia), 2. Ronalds Baldiņš (Latvia), 3. Allan Kakri (Estonia)

At the meeting of the NEZ Rallycross Commission, on December 18, the results of the last season of the NEZ Baltic Rallycross Championship and Rally X Nordic were approved, as well as the calendar and competition documents of the 2021 season – sporting regulations and technical regulations. During the meeting, the elections of the NEZ Rallycross Commision took place, in which the chairman, Jukka Westerback from Finland and the vice-chairman, Jānis Bergs the organizer of the Latvian and NEZ Baltic Rallycross Championship were elected.

Confirmed 2020 results are available here: 2021 season competition documents – sporting regulations and technical regulations are available here:

All information about the championship will be published in the official information channels: on the website , as well as on the social networks / Baltic RX and / @balticrx.

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